About Lexinum

Lexinum is a site where you will find book recommendations on the topics related to well being and happiness…
Lexinum aims to helping you find the most helpful books to create a better and healthier life.

Lexinum analyses reviews from many users all over the world and compile the results for you so you lose your time in the “review jungle”, hoping you can find quickly the books you are looking for.
We do the analysis objectively and without bias, ratings are calculated solely on the acquired data.
We work independently from any authors or publishors, editors.

About neutral and slightly negative ratings : they are not shown for now but we plan to remove these books from our site so that only the best books may appear here.
We have already skipped books with very negative reviews.

Some of our rules:
Three main aspects are rated : the quality of writing, the quality of content, the overall quality.
The different ratings are displayed only if the book have at least 10 reviews.